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Great news for educators in this exceptional time of change and adaptation:

You now have access to In One Instant’s award winning teen safe driving program - with FILM & NEW CURRICULUM GUIDE designed for online OR in-person learning.

And – thanks to generous support from Toyota, General Motors, and our many donors – your school can implement this research-based program for FREE.

Hear from a former administrator
on his district’s experience:


Your role in bringing this powerful program to your school has the potential to save lives. Many parents and teens, as well as your administrative colleagues, have acknowledged the impact of this emotional experience on teen driving behavior, making smarter choices and creating change. Consider offering this invaluable set of resources to your school community.

-Merle Price
Former Principal & Deputy Superintendent,
Los Angeles United School District

  • Traffic deaths have actually increased, and remain the #1 killer of teens. The worst experience your school community may face is the death of a student through a preventable traffic crash – which most often involve driving distractions like texting and impairment.
  • Flexible, engaging, and turnkey curriculum designed for VIRTUAL or in-person learning. Minimal disruption to school schedules and instructional needs. Can be implemented in one class period or expanded as a unit.
  • Content that educates students on an emotional level, for lasting impact –with interactive activities that get high schoolers talking and thinking about their choices.
  • Multimedia curriculum using video, relatable storytelling, real-life survivor testimonials, and follow-up conversations and activities that help students apply what they’ve seen to their own lives.
  • Teens will learn how to:
    • Stand up to peer pressure
    • Refrain from driving when impaired or driving with impaired drivers
    • Utilize a designated driver
    • Refrain from cell phone use/texting while driving – Wear their seat belts
    • Serve as ambassadors to their peers
  • Includes valuable support materials for educators, parents, and students.
  • Developed with expert input from: health and safety professionals, teachers, counselors, administrators, psychologists, parents, AND teens themselves.
  • Our anonymous pre and post program surveys show that 86% more teens won’t text and drive after experiencing the program, and 91% more students won’t drive if impaired.
Vow to Save a Life